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Grahams Port, 1987

Malvedos Vintage Port

In declared Vintage years the wines of Malvedos form the fundamental part of the blend which makes up Grahams Vintage Ports. In many other years when there is not enough top quality wine for Grahams to declare a Vintage, the wine of Malvedos is nevertheless so fine that it is bottled on its own, unblended, when two years old and left to mature in bottle like other Vintage Ports. Unlike declared Vintages, Malvedos Vintage Port is normally only shipped when ready for drinking by which time it is usually at least ten years old, although it continues to improve for many years more.

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Martinez Vintage Port, 1987

Crusted Port- Bottled in 1987

Martinez Crusted port is a blend of excellent young ports from two or three harvests, bottled without any fining or filtration in 1978. This Port was then aged in bottle in the cellars in Portugal for three years before being offered for sale. Crusted Port derives its name from the fact, that exactly like Vintage Port it will throw a “crust” or natural deposit with bottle age.

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Taylor's Port, 1987

Quinta de Vargellas Vintage Port

This rich, firm wine displays classic Vargellas Vintage characteristics. It has an attractive dark ruby colour with a full black fruit nose. On the mouth it shows excellent structure, with firm sinewy tannins and full luscious fat fruit. A multidimensional wine with great flavour and finish.

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